Lunata Serum – Intensive Eye Serum Brings Youth!

lunata-eye-serum-bottle-3-242x300 Lunata Serum - Intensive Eye Serum Brings Youth!Lunata Serum – Powerful Eye Serum Helps Rejuvenate Aging Skin!

Wrinkled skin can reduce your confidence, change how people see you and affect your self-esteem. They come with age, and other factors lead to their development. One such factor the exposure to harmful UV rays, which accelerate the degradation of skin cells. Although the sun is important in the production of vitamin D, direct exposure for more than 15 minutes affects cells involved in the manufacture of collagen, the most protein in the skin.

Exposure to polluted air can also lead to an acceleration of the ageing process and development of wrinkles. To stop the fast ageing of the skin, one needs to reverse first the damage done to the skin cells. It’s feasible to slow down the ageing process using the Lunata Serum.

How It Works: Lunata Serum

Much of the production of collagen in the skin takes place in the dermis layer. Collagen makes up about 70% of the total volume of the dermis and serves to replenish the cells in the epidermis layer, which are always dying. Without right amounts of collagen, the skin develops wrinkles, sags and becomes more susceptible to scarring. Fortunately, you can get your collagen back.

The Lunata Serum removes wrinkles by increasing the concentration of collagen in the skin and repairing the damage to the skin cell. It does this by efficiently delivering small molecules collagen to the skin cells. Currently, most anti-aging creams have large collagen molecules, which limit their absorption by the fine pores of the epidermis. The serum also has other nutrients such as vitamins, need for a strong, healthy skin.

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Benefits of Using the Lunata Serum:

  • It’s good for hydration: If your skin feels dry and rough, the cream has moisturizing capabilities and stops the loss of moisture.
  • Abundant in collagen and vitamins: The collagen improves the skin elasticity and firmness, because of its connective properties. Vitamins also improve the health of your skin layers.
  • Improves Look of Fine Lines and Wrinkles: Other serums may not work well, but the Lunata Serum makes your fine lines less noticeable.
  • Improve Texture: By reversing the damage to your skin, the skin becomes less prone to mechanical damage and scarring.

How can I increase results with Lunata Serum?

First, you can try avoiding collagen killers, such as smoking. Smoking leads to the reduction in the amount of blood that flows through your skin. The skin requires a healthy blood flow for removal of carbon dioxide from the skin cells.

Eating a lot of sugar is another collagen killer. Sugar molecules can bind to the skin tissues to produce harmful molecules can damage the collagen and the elastin, also found in the dermis. Stress also affects the skin, due increase in the production of cortisol, the body’s primary stress hormone that limits the migration of collagen.

Lunata Serum is devoted to proving the best skin for you, in a noninvasive way that keeps your skin always growing. When you use this product, you’re bound to feel alive and confident in your skin. Claim your trial bottle below!

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